Greetings visitors and fellow creators of stuff

Welcome to my blog.

It’s called “mustcreateeveryday”, because that’s what I do. It’s a subtle examination of motive: why do you do what you do? For fame, recognition, money?

Or because you have to?

I write music and words. The music comes in all shapes and forms, the words usually in the form of short stories or a novel. But create every day I must, and do, when I can find the time and motivation.

So please, feel free to share your thoughts, stories, realizations on your creative process… I want to hear them, and I especially want to hear your thoughts about what it means to “succeed” in an era where we are flooded with so much creative content.

Anyways, it’s 9 am Friday morning, and this is my first post. What, you expected genius?? That’ll come eventually.

Stay tuned.



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